David Donovick Joins ADURO as new Chief Product Officer

David Donovick, ADURO’s new Chief Product Officer, has long believed that personal technology can make life better — and specifically, healthier. As the founder of Pivotal Living, he drove the development of affordable, health-driven software and products that help everyday people improve their overall well-being.

And as he learned more about ADURO from CEO Darren White, he realized our mission was largely the same as his. “Darren asked if I would help ADURO find someone like me to drive the company forward from a product standpoint — and I finally came to the realization that I wanted to be that person,” Donovick said, laughing.

“Both of us wanted to have an impact on large populations in an individual way,” White said, “and we were working toward that goal from different ends of the spectrum.”

Donovick’s product expertise will be a vital complement to ADURO’s innovative health screenings and assessments, along with the company’s Human Performance programs, content and motivational coaching that help individuals strengthen the interconnected elements of their lives.

It’s an exciting time, in part because the health and well-being industry is ripe for innovation, said Donovick, who spent nearly 10 years at Microsoft before founding Pivotal Living.

“ADURO’s vision is extremely infectious.”