ADURO Drives Growth In Corporate Well-Being Market

Michael Becker - VP of Sales

Welcome Michael Becker

We are pleased to announce Michael Becker joining ADURO as Vice President of Sales. Becker is a highly-regarded leader in the corporate well-being space. In this role, he will build upon a decade of high growth to expand ADURO’s engagement with mid-sized and large enterprises seeking a more innovative path to a healthy, high-performing workforce population.

A proven sales leader, Becker brings more than a decade of experience to ADURO. He previously drove revenue generation at Jiff (now Castlight) and served as Regional Vice President of Sales at Welltok, a multi-modal health service provider. He also helped start and grow healthcare companies in the wellness, health analytics, and benefits concierge spaces. At ADURO, he once again finds himself at the forefront of the well-being revolution.

“Another significant industry shift is underway,” said Becker. “The industry has created a reliance on third-party vendors and a sudden need for expensive resource utilization. As a result, we have lost sight of actually driving toward employee performance elevation. ADURO offers the industry’s largest native suite of Human Performance resources and habit-changing experiences that ignite people, organizations, and communities to be healthy and high-performing. I am excited to lead growth through partnering with innovative organizations to adopt a Human Performance approach.”

“Michael brings a unique perspective to ADURO having formed start-ups and leading sales organizations delivering different approaches to healthcare cost mitigation,” said Dr. Darren White, CEO of ADURO.  “Michael’s business experience includes fostering many positive and diverse industry relationships, which offers significant growth opportunities for ADURO. His deliberate sales acumen and leadership will be very valuable in driving growth in this exciting time at ADURO.”


ADURO, Inc., (Latin for “ignite”) is the Human Performance company empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive. Our habit-changing experiences are designed to fit your company culture, while starting with each individual’s personal journey. One habit at a time, we help people discover their own path toward a healthy, high-performing life. Those changes transform interests into outcomes, deepening engagement and invigorating your company culture.

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