Galvanize Your Organization Around A Common Goal In Your Well-Being Program

ADURO Account Managers see it all too often: Human Resource leaders and coordinators are overwhelmed by the possible directions and initiatives they could take with their Human Performance program. This overwhelm often leaves program coordinators paralyzed – taking no action at all.

In this month’s HP@Work video tip, ADURO Account Manager Jeremy Kinney says bringing FOCUS to one category of Human Performance at a time can get everyone moving in the same direction.

  • Focus on one specific area of Human Performance and make that the main focal point of the business for a length of time that’s long enough to make an impact – six weeks or even a whole quarter.
  • Make that one focal point the basis of senior leadership messaging,  hits in team meetings,  challenges, webinars,  flyers and email communication.
  • Example: make the focus this quarter around the Growth and Development dimension, specifically sleep.
  • Create a message from the CEO or a senior leader about the importance of sleep hygiene and how they are working to be better sleepers.
  • Opening team meetings with information and tips on how to get better sleep and why it’s important.
  • Host a few specific challenges on the platform that address sleep and post flyers around the office with the benefits of sleep and quick tips to help improve sleep.

By focusing on improving one area at a time, we galvanize the whole organization around a common goal and employees get a clear message.