No Amount Of Free Meditation Apps Will Fix A Toxic Work Environment

No Amount Of Free Meditation Apps Will Fix A Toxic Work Environment

Culture is the single greatest driver of employee well-being. An inspiring mission that ties us into something greater than ourselves will drive deeper purpose and resilience

Dr. Darren White, Founder & CEO, Aduro

In an exclusive interview with, Darren talks about the role of company culture in an employee wellness program, prioritizing employee well-being in a hybrid environment, and more.

Q: Do you think an organization’s investment in wellness initiatives will increase employee well-being?

Darren: Many “wellness” initiatives fail because they’re antagonistic or alienating. Companies can get so distracted trying to curb healthcare costs that they “target” areas of the population who may have a health opportunity and force a single solution to make them better. Employees don’t want to be treated as a risk or liability and offered a one-size-fits-all solution. They’re humans seeking a better experience around the things they care about. Too many well-being strategies are focused on helping people feel better versus addressing and improving the system that generated the problem in the first place. No amount of free meditation apps will fix a toxic work environment. HR professionals must look at the entire employee experience and address it holistically.