Our Approach

We call it Human Performance.

A wholistic strategy creating the possibility for your people
to perform to their highest potential.

The Elements of Human Performance

It Starts With One.

We help people take measurable steps toward Human Performance. Those changes transform individual interests into organizational outcomes, deepening engagement and invigorating your company culture.

Why is it so effective? When you empower people to Be Great at Anything™, they can choose their own path to become healthy, mindful and high-performing.

Inclusive of Your Total Population.

By taking a Human Performance approach, you’ll address the needs of your entire population—not just a part of it.

In a recent survey of 44k employees, we found 52% picked a focus area other than Health & Fitness to start their journey.

This also increases the likelihood that people will participate because they care about the outcome, not just the incentives.

Ignite Lasting Change.

The Human Performance experience works because people are presented the opportunity for choice. We meet people where they are and help them determine the best path forward—by understanding what inspires them to make a change in the first place.

We call this the “Ignite Moment”—the pivotal point in the Transformative Habit Change Model.

Start Your Human Performance Journey.

Human Performance Whitepaper

Learn how our Human Performance approach is challenging the traditional approach to employer well-being programs.