Do you really know what causes employee burn out?

The true issue is a lack of resilience.

If you think you can fix burn out at your organization using a blanket approach – such as giving your people less work, paying them more, or asking them to tough it out, you’re missing the point.

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In this paper you will find:

  • ADURO’s philosophy of “Active Resilience”
  • What you can do to not only prevent employee burn out, but how to support your employees in discovering their “resilience muscle”
  • Customer success in putting a focus on supporting their employees in becoming more resilient
  • Specific coaching offerings that support building resilience at the organizational level and individual level


Rewatch the Webinar

Do you know your employees’ most important skill? It’s resilience—the ability to stretch and bounce back, to change and grow. It’s not about toughing things out, though: At its core, resilience stems from a person’s connection to their values and the ability to align them with their activities in life. This gives them the capacity to thrive.

At ADURO, we believe in “active resilience.” It’s the notion that you can’t work on resilience for six weeks and think you’re good to go—building resilience is a process, and strengthening it is like working a muscle. You have to use it regularly, in all areas of life. Because it impacts all areas of life.

This isn’t just another discussion about resilience. It’s a game plan to help your people thrive in a changing world—and help your organization thrive, too. Rewatch the webinar hosted by Dr. Toni Best from September 25, 2018.

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