We design employee experiences that shift culture and drive health, well-being, and performance outcomes for employers, brokers, and health systems.

Be Great at Anything.

What defines someone as truly “well”? At the heart of everything we do is our evidence-based performance psychology – Human Performance is simply the approach of catalyzing each person to take their next step towards experiencing life at a higher level, and ultimately igniting employee value and productivity in the workplace.

Deliver Health Outcomes. Drive Human Performance. Shift Culture.

“I have learned a lot from my coach, and appreciate all he has helped me learn about myself, the better choices I can make, that it will take time, and that I am worth it. If you are struggling with anything, give this is try, I am glad I did.”

John H. | Columbia, Maryland

“I found the first session “Get the Mind Right”, was exactly that. I must first look internally at myself honestly and with real thought. No one else will or can do it for me. To have a better life, I must do the work. At times, it seems and feels very overwhelming. Change is never easy – Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Michelle B. | San Francisco, California

“Thanks for the great help these programs have given me. The challenges have allowed me to stay interested and know more about health, exercise and diet. Since I started with you all I live a healthier life and I have lost 10 pounds. Thank you! Thank You!”

Liz S. | Seattle, WA

“This is an excellent tool, I challenge my myself and join others in challenges. I am feeling better and better. Thank you for putting together a program where everybody wins!”

Jeff D. | Minneapolis, MN

“I have been overweight for sometime and have taken many classes to get myself on track but nothing seemed to help, I wasn’t focused, I wasn’t listening but then one day I became totally aware. Thanks to this program I stay focused. Thank you so much for all you have done. Looking forward to more rewards in loosing a few more pounds and the great courses offered thru Ignite Coaching.”

Laura M. | Dallas, TX

Each is Unique

We know that personalized programs drive engagement outcomes, which is why we create a tailored solution for every employer partner we serve.

Each Company.
Each Culture.

Every organization has a unique identity that can be harnessed to rally individuals together. Let’s design an experience your team will want to be a part of.

Each Team.
Each Vision.

Your goals become our goals. Let’s craft data-driven initiatives that bring together culture, health and performance to drive measurable outcomes.

Each Person.
Each Journey.

Relevance is paramount. Create engagement by meeting someone where they are – not where a spreadsheet says they are. If it fits into their life, they will use it. Let’s engage each person to be great.


Humans are taking steps to improve their lives through our programs.


Take your first step toward a healthy, high-performing work culture.