We are amazing

just like you

Our mission

To reignite
humanity in
the workplace

We’re all about inspiring people to discover new possibilities in their work and life. It’s who we are for our clients and it’s who we are for each other – creating a culture where amazing people connect, grow and flourish.

Be free to be your whole self.”
Dr. Toni Best
Chief Human Performance Officer

Human Performance

Learn more about Human Performance and what it means to us.

Our values

Each of us is evolving and growing – pursuing new possibilities in our lives – and our culture reflects that. The values resonate for each of us in unique ways.

All In

“Being 'all in' is about whole-heartedly believing in a mission, and using all of your skills, knowledge, and talent to help bring that vision to life.”

Leah Coolidge
Start Inside

“Growth and learning from inside out allows me to show up authentically and intentionally in all my roles and responsibilities.”

Cara Cynkar
Bring Your Verve

“I get to be myself here. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else.”

Josh Braun
Delight Others

“Keep a positive mind. Be kind. Love others”

Chris Thomas
It's Bigger Than Us

“It means showing up every day, and asking yourself how you can create an environment that positively impacts the people, communities, and systems you interact with.”

Jyotica Barrio
Be Curious

“It is looking for what connections exist between one thing and another, and getting excited about what might be possible.”

Janssen Judge

The Dogs
of Aduro

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We believe in a workplace where you’re free to be your whole self — for 8 hours. Every day at Aduro is fueled with healthy snacks, beverages, and a dog-to-human ratio that keeps us all smiling.


I want to be great at living a well-balanced life on every dimension.

TJ Rose

Board Observer

I want to be great at serving other’s needs before mine

Michael Todd

Board Observer

I want to be great at supporting founders with psychological safety.

Kristen Hamilton

Board Member

I want to be great at being intensely present and listening to my intuition.

Dr. Toni Best

Chief Human Performance Officer

I want to be great at inspiring others to be their best selves.

Cara Cynkar

Director of Client Relationship Management

I want to be great at creating joyous, heroic teams.

Lance Hendrix

Chief Information Security Officer

I want to be great at listening.

Renee Petrie

Chief Product Officer

I want to be great at high performing leadership culture.

Dr. Darren White

Chief Executive Officer

I want to be great at inspiring people to want to be healthy, successful and enjoy their lives.

Dr. Ron Geraty, MD

Chairman of the Board

I want to be great at listening with curiosity and acting with purposeful intent.

Tyler Wick

ABRY Partners