Connect Care

A personalized approach to managing Type 2 diabetes.

Getting the right support is a decisive factor in employees tackling Type 2 diabetes. With our Aduro® Connect Care solution, we deliver a human-centered approach that empowers individuals to take control of their life, and feel cared for and invested in.

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Type 2 diabetes disrupts every aspect of life

From the emotional stress of diagnosis to the physical and financial strain of daily maintenance, Type 2 diabetes has an impact upon all six related aspects of life. The Aduro Human Performance approach is uniquely positioned to help.


of all Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes

5.5 days

additional workdays missed due to diabetes-related complications

-$90 billion

lost due to reduced employee productivity

Source: MBGH

Lenny’s Story

A diabetes diagnosis can be life-altering. Employees navigating this challenge need extra support in learning how best to take care of their health. Employees who feel supported can thrive and bring their best to work, their families and community.

A personalized, guided & immersive experience

Personalized Onboarding

Aduro® Connect Care helps people build plans tailored to their specific needs. Through the onboarding process, the experience will reflect their unique personal reality and evolve with them over time.

Real-time data and insights

Aduro® Connect Care displays valuable and insightful views of blood glucose, activity tracking data, integrations with devices and even lets people add notes to themselves and their coach to collaborate on.

The right content at the right time

Aduro utilized the academic accuracy of evidence-based standards, first-party research with experts and people living with diabetes, and classic storytelling and behavior change models to guide how, when and where to deliver the right content.

Certified Type 2 diabetes coaching

Aduro believes that real human connection and expert guidance is invaluable. Aduro® Connect Care is open and transparent about coach/member pairings, provides flexible durations and ways to connect, all through a simple, frictionless user experience.

Integrated Directly Into Aduro® Connect

Aduro® Connect Care is fully integrated into Aduro® Connect, our foundational digital-to-human coaching platform. Employees have immediate access to essential tracking tools, real-time data and insights, and tailored coaching right inside their existing program.

A Visionary Partnership

Aduro has teamed up with Bon Secours Mercy Health and Providence Health to deliver on our shared vision — immersive experiences that improve the lives of millions of people with chronic conditions through direct-to-employer, provider, and consumer partnerships.​

Being diagnosed is traumatic. Meeting someone in the diabetes community changed my life and connected me to a network of people who cared.

It is so important to have the right education, doctors you trust, and community to support you so you don’t give up.

– Michael (lives with diabetes)

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