Wellmetrics™ Biometric Screenings

Our biometric screenings provide your employees with the opportunity to take meaningful action through a convenient and supportive experience. Their data ties seamlessly back into your employee wellness program – allowing individual progress tracking and organizational health monitoring.


Wellmetrics™ Biometric Screenings

Wellmetrics™ Biometric Screenings
Embedded Screeners

The most flexible and personalized screening option. An Aduro screener is stationed at locations of your choosing offering a biometric screening and well-being consultation.

  • Optimal scheduling availability
  • Personalized and safe 1:1 experience
  • Up to 31 participants screened in each 8-hour shift
  • Follows CDC protocols for social distancing
  • PPE provided for all staff and visitors
Micro Site Events

For small populations, we offer micro site events. An Aduro screener is stationed at a specific location, generally spanning one to two days.

  • Up to 31 participants screened in each 8-hour shift
  • No location restrictions or monthly time commitment
  • Follows CDC protocols for social distancing
  • PPE provided for all staff and visitors
Flu Shot Vouchers

Directly offer employees easy access to flu shots without the need for additional on-site resources.

  • No on-site events, personnel, or equipment required
  • Easy distribution of vouchers through their wellness program and email
  • Vouchers can be used at conveniently located CVS or Walgreens locations
Return to Work Solutions

Using our technology platform and a nation-wide network of trained medical professionals, Aduro offers cost-effective, flexible, solutions to get employees safely back into the workplace displaced by COVID-19.

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Remote Options

Supplemental screening options are great additions to our core offerings to support the needs of your employees.

Home Test Kits

These are excellent for those employees who need to complete a screening in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Health Provider Screening Forms (HPSF)

Employees have their PCP complete the HPSF form and return it back to Aduro via upload to our secure online portal or by fax.

LabCorp Vouchers

Employees can easily schedule an appointment at a LabCorp facility and download the voucher from their well-being program.

Provide flexible, safe and connected biometric options for your employees