Aduro® Wellmetrics

Help employees take control of their physical health.

Employee biometric screenings are critical in providing comprehensive physical health data and identifying undiagnosed health issues. Partner with Aduro Wellmetrics for a flexible solution to support the physical health of your organization.

Employee biometric screenings with Aduro Wellmetrics

Employee focus on health is at an all-time low. Aduro Wellmetrics brings the focus back.


of adults delayed or avoided medical care during the pandemic

1 visit/yr

the average # of times most adults are visiting their PCP

32 days

the average wait time to see one’s PCP

Source: Center for Disease Control

Don’t put your employees’ health on the back burner.

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Your employees are vital.

Help them take care of their vitals.

On-site biometric screening events

On-site Events

Personalized and Safe

An Aduro screener is stationed at a specific location, generally spanning one to two days. Event staff follow strict CDC guidelines and make the biometric screening process efficient for your team to easily implement.

At-home biometric test kits

Home Test Kits

Flexible and Convenient

Remote employees can easily complete a screening in the safety and comfort of their homes. We ship out a box with clear directions and provide results quickly. Our team can also support reading and acting on results for a more personalized experience.

Health Provider Screening Forms (HPSF)

Employees have their PCP complete the HPSF form and return it back to Aduro via upload to our secure online portal or by fax.

LabCorp Vouchers

Employees can easily schedule an appointment at a LabCorp facility and download the voucher from their well-being program.

What We Test For

blood pressure

Blood Pressure



Blood Glucose

Blood Glucose

Waist Circumference

Waist Circumference

BMI - Body Mass Index


Accessible and actionable data in Aduro Connect

Accessible and Actionable Data in Aduro® Connect

Employees get results directly through their program within minutes. Metrics are clear, easy to read, and have recommended content to allow immediate action.

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Continue the journey with Human Performance Coaching

Physical and mental health impact an employee’s ability to flourish. Our Board Certified coaches can help support acting on biometric screening results, as well as mental health.

Human Performance Coaching

Case Study - Mercy Health

Mercy Health Goes Beyond Wellness with Human Performance

Discover how this large healthcare system in the midwest is going beyond wellness with their Human Performance program.

Webinar - Protect Employee Health with Biometric Screenings

Protect Employee Health and Wellness with Biometric Screenings

Discover reasons to offer safe, convenient health screenings to your employees to decrease cardiovascular risk from a human resources benefits analyst in the manufacturing industry.

Blog Article - Why Biometric Screenings are Needed

Why Biometric Screenings are Needed to Support Employee Health and Well-being

Provide safe and supportive biometric screenings to your employees to help them understand any health risks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Find out how Aduro® Wellmetrics can help you support the health and well-being of your employees.

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