When employees are at
their best, organizations
are unstoppable.

Welcome to Human Performance

Wellness is dead. And well-being is not enough. Human Performance is a wholistic strategy that creates possibility for your people to perform to their highest potential.

The ADURO approach is personalized, native, and designed to create intrinsic momentum for the whole person.

Personalized to Each Individual

Inclusive of Your Total Population

We help people take measurable steps toward Human Performance. Those changes transform individual interests into organizational outcomes, deepening engagement and invigorating your company culture.

Digital to Human

A native digital-to-human experience that listens intensely, helping people attend to what matters most to them, and creating authentic, trusting relationships that result in transformative choices that meaningfully change lives.


Generate a Human Performance Profile for each employee that delivers health data and human analytics on their mobile device.

  • Biometric screenings
  • Well-being and Flourishing Assessments
  • Digital biomarkers via apps and devices
  • Clinical data integrations


Personalized intervention paths delivered through a digital-to-human connection, designed to create intrinsic momentum for each employee and your total population.

  • 300+ Paths, Practices & Habits
  • Digital interactions, live video, chat
  • Group session, live and recorded webinars
  • 1:1 telephonic coaching
  • Onsite coaching

Flourishing Index

It measures the overall flourishing and human performance of individuals. Using the aggregation of active and passive data, organizations can drive individual and population-level strategies for improving well-being.

  • Population insights
  • Reporting portfolio
  • Data management
  • Program support

Employees Love It.

1:1 coaching satisfaction

Total engagements

Program satisfaction

“It was the first time that I had an employer say your health matters to us.”

Brent – Age 45

“This program is really helping me to assess what I love to do and how to have a profitable career for my family.”

Pam – Age 32

“My Human Performance Coach helped me understand that I have the responsibility to make changes in my life.” 

Sarah – Age 53

Leaders Applaud It.

Overall satisfaction

of clients would recommend ADURO

Account manager satisfaction

“Together we’ve developed a program that focuses on the four core elements of Human Performance to support our employees in reaching their potential.”

Kathy Farmer, Sr. Director of Global Benefits, Levi Strauss & Co.​

“ADURO’s thought leadership and innovation comes through in everything that is presented to our employees.”

Nicole Martel, Sr. Director Health & Well-being, Mercy Health​

“Our partnership with ADURO has been stellar. They get who we are.”

Manette Moses, Director of Health & Safety, Port of Seattle​

“Our ADURO program is the closest chance that I have to make a real impact on someone’s life.”

Lauren Geer, VP Head of Compensation & Benefits, Related​

Mercy Health generates 91% employee engagement in Human Performance Program

Human Performance Whitepaper

Learn how our Human Performance approach is challenging the traditional approach to employer well-being programs.

Forrester: Total Economic Impact Report

When you invest in a well-being program, you expect a return. Discover Forrester Research’s VOI analysis on ADURO.

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