Human Performance Coaching

Our accredited coaching program is rooted in the science of motivation and inspires participants to achieve positive, significant and lasting habit change through our unique Human Performance approach.

Human Performance Coaching

Flexible Coaching Methods

1-on-1 coaching sessions

1-on-1 Sessions

Personalized one-on-one engagements with a coach through telephone or chat.

group coaching sessions

Group Interactions

Coaching sessions that offer an array of programs and topics in an interactive group setting.

dedicated on-site coaches

Onsite Coaching

A dedicated Aduro coach is embedded onsite to better suit member schedules and needs.

emotional well-being

Emotional Well-being

You cannot address health and well-being without addressing mental health. It’s important to emphasize proactive promotion of emotional well-being and flourishing.

  • Mindset and Resilience
  • Sleep Strategies
  • Intro to Mindfulness
  • Integrated Mental Health Coaching

Science of Motivation

Regardless of the subject matter, real change starts with the thinking and emotions behind the choices.

  • National Evidence-Based Standards
  • NBHWC Accredited
  • Transformative Habit Change Model

the science of motivation

interactive digital content

Interactive Digital Content

Our unique storytelling framework allows employees to choose what matters most to them, inspiring them to take action.

  • Expert-created and led digital experiences
  • Diverse content across six aspects of life
  • Multiple formats—text, video, and podcast

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