Our Story

ADURO – (Latin verb) Kindle, set fire to.

ADURO, Inc. began under the name “Worksite Wellness, LLC” in 2001 by four like-minded doctors, passionate about treating the person and not the problem. When we started, we met our clients’ primary needs by focusing on onsite programs including biometric testing, health coaching, health seminars and back care workshops. In 2007, we evolved our experience by becoming “wired”, expanding our programs to an online platform. With it, we became fun, social, and gamified, thus further driving outcomes and great returns.

By the time we accumulated almost a decade of experience, lots of mediocre wellness programs had begun to saturate the industry. So we decided to rebrand the fire we bring to it. On March 1st, 2013 Worksite Wellness became ADURO, Inc. Now, we are burning up the engagement trail nationwide.

In twelve years, we've learned!

Engagement is a result of culturally aligned programs.
Sustained behavior change is a result of managing an employee’s entire ecosystem.
Keeping the healthy, healthy has a strong business case.

Our story has led us to a clear and concise mission to ignite well-being in workplace cultures and individuals.
What We Do