Go Beyond Biometric Screenings with ADURO WellMetrics®

ADURO WellMetrics creates a holistic view of an individual’s (and population's) health – and then immediately provides the information and resources for people to act and work towards improvement (when necessary). Also, our concierge services allow us to connect the dots for employees from health to overall improved well-being through our Human Performance Paths and Coaching.

There’s no doubt that when employees feel better, they perform better in life and at work. For employees, gaining information about their current health through a WellMetrics screening event can be the first step to understanding that there are improvements to be made plus gain valuable insight into what options they have to take next steps.

But, don't take our word for it, in this webinar we'll also dive into how a few of our global customers, Honda and Bayer, have utilized the various ADURO screenings options to support their diverse populations.

5 Screening Options to Fit Your Diverse Population:

5 screening options to best fit your population

In this webinar:

  • Learn why a health screening is still essential to discovering the total health and well-being of your population
  • Learn how WellMetrics helped Honda screen more than 80% of their population
  • Learn how our technology and staff reduce administrative logistics
  • Discover how to utilize screening events as a launch pad to boost enrollment in well-being programs


  • Raymond Ochs, VP, Customer and Partner Experience
  • Gabriel Gervelis, Director, Demand Generation