Human Performance Series Featured Path: Get Moving

You offer your employees in-depth coaching paths in all areas of Human Performance, but – are they working? We are sharing insights from the data behind our six-week coaching paths to answer that very question.

In this edition of ADURO’s Featured Path Series, we focus in on our most popular path among the Health & Fitness element of Human Performance: Get Moving. After surveying 15,000 participants who completed all six weeks of the path, we now have concrete results.

The outcomes of this path include a significant increase in minutes of exercise – particularly for those identified as sedentary at the beginning of the path; impressive six-week completion rates; and even powerful changes in individual’s mental approach to physical exercise.

Watch as ADURO’s Director of Client Experience Carolyn Thayer-Azoff and Coach Elyse Druhm break down the data, and learn about the potential that paths like Get Moving can hold for your employees.