Aduro® Launches New Aduro® Connect Care Software Solution for Employees Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Management Solution Developed with Bon Secours Mercy Health and Providence Health 

REDMOND, WA. (May 2, 2022) – Aduro®, a provider of employee wellbeing solutions, announced today the launch of its new Aduro® Connect Care solution for employers wishing to help employees manage their Type 2 diabetes.  

Exclusive to the Aduro® Connect platform, the new Aduro® Connect Care solution for Type 2 diabetes management was developed as part of Aduro’s strategic alliance with two of the nation’s leaders in health care, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Bon Secours Mercy Health and Renton, WA-based Providence Health.  

Aduro® Connect Care addresses the biological, behavioral, and psychological factors that affect employees’ abilities to proactively manage their personal Type 2 diabetes condition. Easily accessible on each employee’s mobile device, Aduro® Connect Care is designed to materially improve each member’s “time in range” for blood glucose monitoring and other metrics, so that employees with Type 2 diabetes can live better lives on their own terms. 

To address the broad challenges people with Type 2 diabetes face, Aduro® Connect Care utilizes Aduro’s expert coaching, interactive video content and a focus on mental health resiliency as the underpinning to improved health. The Aduro® Connect Care coaches, each certified to have 1,000 hours of experience in diabetes management, constantly engage with each employee user and are assigned to that client throughout their entire diabetes management journey. 

“People with Type 2 diabetes aren’t only concerned with Type 2 diabetes,” says Aduro’s co-founder and CEO, Darren White. “They care about all aspects of beating their disease and want a path that reduces work stress, considers their sense of belonging and recognizes their busy lives, family needs and finances. Existing digital solutions for employees don’t get that.” 

“And you can’t deliver what employees want without integration with their primary care provider,” adds White. “Aduro® Connect Care brings it all together. It treats the whole person, not just focusing on diabetes alone.” 

On the Aduro® Connect platform, this new solution addresses both challenges. Aduro® Connect Care leverages Aduro’s emphasis on the six interrelated aspects of Human Performance to personalize a member’s journey to optimal health, rather than a “one size fits all” approach to disease care. Each employee can customize the metrics that work best for them, setting sleep and mealtimes to facilitate auto tagging the health data generated so the patient, and their doctor, can track their progress in diabetes care together.  

Aduro® Connect Care is based upon research performed by 19 certified diabetes educators. What’s more, every piece of medical advice and content is reviewed by endocrinologists and other physicians at Providence Health and Bon Secours Mercy Health for accuracy and impact.   

“With Connect Care we will be able to create better health outcomes and experiences for those managing chronic health conditions like Type 2 diabetes,” said Mike Waters, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive, Providence Ambulatory Care Network. “This personalized care management solution is one example of how employer wellness organizations and health care systems can work together to understand, manage and improve the health of populations across the entire continuum of well-being.” 

Dr. Erin Hurlburt, Bon Secours Mercy Health’s Chief Medical Officer for Population and Community Health, notes, “The experience of managing chronic medical conditions like diabetes can leave even the most engaged people feeling isolated and overwhelmed as they balance their health needs with their personal and professional goals. Connect Care’s personalized solution will help improve the physical and mental health outcomes for these individuals by connecting them with knowledgeable health coaches and with one another.” 

“We were privileged to build Connect Care on a platform that was infused with Aduro’s LEAP framework (‘Listen, Engage, Active, and Predict’) with a level of existing device extensibility to include new measurement frameworks, like continuous glucose monitoring, to passively track key health metrics like ‘time in range,’” said Renee Petrie, Aduro’s Chief Product Officer. “The Connect Care experience maps to each employee’s desire to be seen as a whole person, while also mapping to key clinical metrics for improving health and achieving a state of well-being.”  

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