Outcomes That Matter

How can you lead this movement?

You have the power to drive down costs, elevate your culture and positively impact lives—implement a Human Performance program that delivers measurable results that are most important to your organization. Don’t tell your executives that your program is worth it, you can show them.

With our Human Performance Scorecard, you can measure outcomes that tie directly back to your business goals—tracking outcomes and trends over time.

Read the 2017 Forrester Research Report.

Shifts in Health Risks

Our extensive health and well-being measurements can identify at-risk populations—and through our intensive-change Paths we can shift those risks in a positive direction.


of Revive participants improved at least one Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes) risk factor.


of Revive participants successfully met the weight-loss target of 4%.


of Breathe Easy participants remained tobacco-free between 2013-2017.

Revive® (a type 2 diabetes prevention Path) and Breathe Easy (a tobacco cessation Path)

Get the Payback.

(We see it as delivering Value on Investment.)

Yes, we understand ROI, but we think there is more to it. We have a track record in helping our customers drive down medical/Rx claims and program administrative costs, while also increasing employee retention and lowering absenteeism.


Reduced cost of medical/Rx claims


Increased Employee Retention


Reduced program admin costs


Reduced employee absenteeism

Payback on investment in 4.7 months based on a 10,000 employee organization.