Aduro’s Return-to-Work Solution

Returning to work and rethinking the workplace.

Working at the intersection of employee well-being and performance, Aduro has put a lot of thought and effort into how best to support our clients as they plan for and execute their return-to-work strategies.

We wrote the guide on Return-to-Work

Our Work Readiness Handbook builds on our expertise in well-being and Human Performance, and is designed to help midsize and enterprise organizations think through their RTW strategies and tactics. Our Work Readiness Model™ supports companies in a phased approach, from states of “not ready” to states of high employee performance where businesses can thrive.

Aduro’s Work Readiness ModelTM

Definitive Model and Guide to Help People Safely Return to Work

How ready is your organization to return to work?

Take our Risk Tolerance Assessment for resources to support your planning and to sign-up for a consultation with our experts.

Our Return-to-Work Solution

Wherever your organization is in its return-to-work process, our solution supports you across three operational realities: essential onsite work, remote work, and return-to-work protocols and procedures — and every aspect is predicated on protecting the health, safety and mental well-being of your employees.

1) COVID-19 Screening App

Our screening app aligns with CDC guidelines and provides immediate access to essential information.

  • CDC-aligned COVID-19 symptom questionnaire
  • Remote temperature checking
  • Work site check-in for tracking and delivering site specific information
  • State and employer guidance
  • COVID-19 resources
  • Reporting module
  • Visitor/Guest access

2) Onsite Screening Services

We provide professional screeners onsite and a health concierge to consult, triage, and implement safety protocols.

  • Onsite screener personnel
  • Thermal scan devices & PPE
  • CDC-aligned COVID-19 symptom questionnaire
  • COVID-19 policies & procedures
  • Operations coordinator
  • Online reporting