Aduro’s 6 Aspects of Life Series

Aduro’s 6 Aspects of Life Series

Holistically Support Employee Wellness

True employee wellness is achieved holistically, and we are providing the tools to help your organization flourish. Join this 6-part series focused on action-oriented tips and resources to support all aspects of your employee’s lives.

Here are the themes of our sessions:

  • Money & Prosperity
  • Development & Growth
  • Mindset & Resilience
  • Lifestyle & Health
  • Relationships & Community
  • Purpose & Contribution

What You’ll Learn

  • Practical tips from experts to support employee well-being and mental health
  • The importance of a holistic solution to build a flourishing culture at your organization, and the steps to get started

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Monthly Highlight

March – Session 1: Money & Prosperity

8 in 10 employers believe employee financial wellness programs and tools help create more productive, satisfied, and engaged employees; but in times of economic hardship, how can you provide impactful resources that support all aspects of life? 

In this discussion, you will learn why it is important to integrate a holistic financial well-being solution with the overall well-being program, and specific guidance related to trends we’re seeing in 2021.


Adam Costarella – Financial Advisor, Colibri Capital/Ameriprise Financial Services

Karl Miller – Human Performance Coach, Aduro

Joshua Templeton – Chief Growth Officer, Aduro

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