Building a Culture of Psychological Safety

Support the Mental Health of your Employees

A work environment where employees can show up as their authentic selves without fear of negative consequences by their managers or their peers requires a culture of psychological safety. Fostering this culture in an organization allows individuals to feel supported enough to discuss their mental health openly. According to Aetna International, 87% of workers are worried that stress could affect their ability to work, but only 60% of employees have ever talked about their mental health with a manager or co-worker.

How can we develop a culture where stigmas are broken down and employees feel supported?

Managers set the mood and tone of work environments – wielding the power to make or break the development of a culture of well-being. Without psychological safety in the workplace, it’s hard for employees to be at their best.  Watch this discussion with Carolyn Thayer-Azoff, Sr. Director of Mental Health at Aduro, and Rosette Cataldo, VP of Performance & Talent Strategy at Workhuman, to learn the importance of building a culture of psychological safety to support employee mental health, and the impacts this can have on the overall productivity, retention, healthcare costs, and absenteeism.

What You’ll Learn

  • The different types of psychological safety
  • How to foster psychological safety in your culture and teams
  • The role of leadership in employee mental health
  • The impact a psychologically safe culture has on business initiatives

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Watch the Discussion

Meet the speakers

Carolyn Thayer-Azoff

Carolyn Thayer-Azoff, Senior Director, Mental Health, Aduro. Carolyn brings over a decade of experience in employee health, well-being, and engagement in the workplace. With a background in Counseling and Health Psychology in corporate and non-profit settings, she is deeply committed to an inclusive and proactive approach to mental health. Responsible for strategy and development at Aduro, Carolyn brings integrated mental health products from ideation to market.

Rosette Cataldo

Rosette Cataldo, Vice President, Performance & Talent Strategy, Workhuman. Rosette consults with organizations of all sizes to help them embrace new HR technologies, talent programs, and performance methodologies. A 25-year HR technology veteran, at Workhuman, Rosette works closely with global Talent leaders to design modern, employee-centric performance development paradigms that foster psychological safety, a growth mindset, and build positive work cultures.

Joshua Templeton

Joshua Templeton, Chief Growth Officer at Aduro, is responsible for the growth and direction of Aduro. Josh has been a part of several dynamic companies, ADP, Cvent, and Workhuman in his professional career serving in several roles directly tied to sales and client management. What excites him the most about Aduro is that he gets to be a part of an organization that is truly impacting people’s lives while driving organizations to tap into their people’s amazing potential. Josh, his wife Katie, and their four children originally hail from Baltimore, Maryland but now call Portland, Oregon home. 

About Aduro

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