Support Front Line and Healthcare Worker Resilience

What We Can Learn from a Major Health System about Well-being and Resilience

The ability to stay positive and productive after experiencing adversity is key to performing under challenging circumstances. But how do we recover from something as terrible as COVID-19?

If we need models for staying strong and productive in the face of overwhelming stress, we need to look no further than Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH). Health systems and front-line healthcare workers confront the pandemic directly on a daily basis. And no matter how burned out, stressed out, or overwhelmed they become, they have no other choice but to keep going.

So how do they do it?

Watch Aduro and BSMH to learn how well-being is playing a fundamental role in helping healthcare workers build the resilience they need to recover from daily adversity. 

What You’ll Learn

  • How holistic well-being fosters employee resilience
  • Why resilience is key to performing under challenging circumstances
  • Who the responsibility for employee well-being should fall to
  • What solutions can accelerate employee well-being and resilience
  • Where to spend your well-being dollars 
  • When you should consider changing your approach to well-being

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Meet the speakers

Cara Cynkar, Director of Client Experience, Aduro, is an experienced people leader and Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the health and wellness industry. She is skilled in Health Insurance, Customer Service, Employee Benefits Design, Strategic Planning, and Disability Insurance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts focused in Social Work from the University of Washington. 

Nicole Martel, VP- Benefits, Wellbeing & Associate Health, Bon Secours Mercy Health. Nicole is responsible for the strategic design and operational execution of all health and welfare benefits for Bon Secours Mercy Health. She is an experienced leader in her field, with 25 years of running and developing employee wellness and well-being programs and a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  

Joshua Templeton, Chief Growth Officer at Aduro, is responsible for the growth and direction of Aduro. Josh has been a part of several dynamic companies, ADP, Cvent, and Workhuman in his professional career serving in several roles directly tied to sales and client management. What excites him the most about Aduro is that he gets to be a part of an organization that is truly impacting people’s lives while driving organizations to tap into their people’s amazing potential.

About Aduro

Aduro is a Human Performance company. We unlock human potential in the workplace by providing expert coaching, interactive content and personalized insights in a fun, inspiring way. We work with organizations to ignite cultures that are inclusive, deepen social connections, and promote the growth and flourishing of their people.