At the Breaking Point: How do Managers Lead?

Empowering managers to coach their teams, actively listen and build resilience.

During this panel interview at the Culturati: LIVE event on October 28, we hear from a panel of experts to learn how they are navigating the ever-increasing pressure to act as more than a manager and support employees now and post-pandemic.

What you’ll learn:

  • Programs and initiatives H-E-B has put into place to support front-line employees and remote workers impacted by COVID-19
  • How managers can set boundaries while also supporting the well-being and mental health of their employees with resources
  • Tips to maintain trust, build connections and encourage active listening throughout the organization 

During today’s pandemic, managers are being tasked with a lot more than their typical KPIs. They’re responsible for supporting the whole employee, identifying and assessing stress, anxiety and burnout and supporting their mental health. How do we empower them to coach their teams, listen actively and build resiliency? We must be well to do well. 

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Length: 55 minutes

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Dr. Darren White, CEO, Aduro
Ethan Burris, Faculty Director, Center for Leadership and Ethics, The University of Texas at Austin | McCombs School of Business
Mayerland Harris, Group VP of Talent, Executive Board Member, H-E-B
Moderator: Eugene Sepulveda, Entrepreneurs Foundation, Culturati

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