Igniting Adaptability: Supporting Leaders & Teams in Changing Work Environments

As we begin year 3 of witnessing the workplace impact of COVID-19 on our employees, helping them adapt to ever-changing work and home environments (whether remote, hybrid, or on-site) is critical to our organization’s success.

More than ever, the need for prioritizing the mental and physical health of employees means giving managers the skills to build an adaptable workforce while recognizing individual needs and contributions.

Join our panel of experts as they share their valuable experience on how to move teams forward with an inclusive culture that adapts to changing times and environments. Learn what areas may need attention, processes to consider, and helpful tips to support your teams in embracing adaptability.

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Meet the Speakers

Kenzie Bannister, NB-HWC
Mental Health Coach, Aduro

Dr. Toni Best
Chief Human Performance Officer and Founder, Aduro

Sean Bell
Chief Operating Officer, Aduro