Insight to Action: Key Webinar Highlights

In our webinar, Insight to Action: The Next Generation of Employee Well-being, we covered how Aduro is the only solution that combines health and well-being, chronic care management, mental health, and biometrics into one experience. See the highlights below from Aduro’s Amanda Conway, Chief Growth Officer, and Renee Petrie, Chief Product Officer, as they address how we’re transforming insights into action and delivering impactful outcomes.

Meet Your Hosts

Amanda Conway
Chief Growth Officer

Renee Petrie

Renee Petrie
Chief Product Officer

One digital front door for employees

The landscape of employee well-being is rapidly changing. With so much innovation in the digital health space, we’re seeing the creation of new point solutions for disease management, telehealth, engagement, and more.

But this poses a new challenge. Solving these complex problems has inadvertently become more complex. The digital health space is now fragmented and fractured.

Both HR leaders and employees can no longer navigate a maze of six to eight siloed solutions. A more holistic approach is needed to meet changing needs and streamline management.

Aduro solves this for employers through a one-experience, full-spectrum approach from well-being to care. Our integrated approach focuses on vendor consolidation, value-based agreements, and data-driven decision-making to empower employees to take control of their health and helps people leaders build toward a healthier workplace.

Transforming Insights into Action

Whole Person Approach to Coaching

Physical and mental health are interconnected. When you focus on one without the other, underlying causes go undetected and ignored. Aduro integrates multiple expertise areas into one coordinated experience.

Innovating for Type 2 Diabetes Care

Society’s approach to diabetes isn’t working. The growing healthcare costs continue to burden employees, employers, and partners. So, we’ve partnered with two leading Health Care systems to change this. The Aduro® Connect Care CGM pilot demonstrates an astounding breakthrough.

Member Support Through Data

Well-being will be a data-driven function within organizations. We want to empower our clients and ensure they have easy access to data and insights so they can do their job better to serve and empower their people.

How One Simple Change Can Boost Engagement

You can have a best-in-class solution, but what’s the point if no one is using it? Engagement is the industry’s biggest pain point. But the old adage “you can lead a horse to water” comes to mind. Sometimes, people need just a little more incentive or some friction removed to start their well-being journey.

We’re excited to move forward, break down silos, and create a cohesive experience with our clients and partners. If you’re interested in digging deeper into the next generation of well-being, schedule a demo to connect with us!