Integrating strategies for employee mental health

Integrating strategies for employee mental health

A health and well-being solution is only as strong as the environment in which it lands, and mental health is no exception.

It’s no surprise that mental illness is rampant in the U.S. When approximately 1 in 5 adults report suffering from a mental illness, it becomes a necessity for employers to offer services to support this epidemic. What are you offering your employees to support them in times of crisis as well as times of general stress and anxiety? 

When you emphasize humanity in the workplace, empower managers and peers to talk about mental health, and create a supportive culture, employees will thrive at work and beyond.

Watch this panel discussion on-demand to learn strategies you and your teams can utilize to support the mental health of your employees.

Meet the speakers:

  • Kaleana Quibell, Wellness Director, Sequoia Consulting
  • Carolyn Thayer-Azoff, Director of Mental Health, Aduro
  • Renee Petrie, Chief Product Officer, Aduro