Powerful Leadership Within Times of Uncertainty

With dispersed teams, new employee experiences, and no “back to normal” in sight….. how do leaders consider the mental health of themselves and their employees? How do they process their emotions, set the groundwork for psychologically safe hybrid teams, and connect with their employees in ways that will set them up for success?   

Join Aduro experts for a 2-part series to address Mental Health and Coaching as Leaders.   

Part 1

Join our kick-off discussion with Aduro’s Head of Integrated Mental Health, Dr. Erika Torres and Manager of Aduro’s Coach Training and Development, Jennifer Finn, to help us understand the emotional volatility your employees may experience as you start to navigate your company’s return to work discussions.   

This discussion will help strengthen your responsibility as a people leader, and support you in your role of being a well-being conduit to your team.   

Part 2

Join Jennifer Finn, and a community of like-minded people leaders, to build your awareness and toolbox to support each employee and the individual emotions they may bring. This live interactive workshop will walk through the 3 components to being a supportive and confident leader: compassionate leadership, self-care as leader, and quick-draw MH resources.   

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Erika Torres
Head of Integrated Behavioral Health, Aduro

Jennifer Finn
Coach Training and Development Manager, Aduro