Protect Employee Health and Wellness with Biometric Screenings

Learn how a leading manufacturing company is supporting their employees with preventive screenings.

Health Issues have gone undiagnosed during the pandemic, with primary care visits down 21.4%.

Secondary health issues are starting to come to the forefront, including cholesterol evaluations dropping 37%. People are gaining weight and moving less. Plus, we see increased anxiety and depression.

Increasingly, Aduro is fielding questions from employers concerned about the physical well-being of their employees considering this lack of emphasis on preventive care and want to determine – is now the right time to start providing employer-led biometric screenings?

Now is the perfect time to offer safe, convenient biometric screenings to help your employees understand where they’re doing well and where they may need to seek additional support.

In this webinar, learn from a benefits professional in the manufacturing industry on:

  • Why they are encouraging biometric screenings
  • How they are breaking down barriers and fears to learning their numbers
  • How they’ve worked with their managers to support productivity
  • The improvements they’ve seen despite the changes required because of the pandemic

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Meet the Speakers

Bobbi Dyer
Benefits Analyst, CNH Industrial

Bobbi has a passion for people and helping them have the confidence to be the best version of themselves. She has worked for CNH Industrial for almost 13 years in the benefits space. Before that, she worked in I.T. at a local hospital for almost 18 years.

Through her experience, she provides top-notch services free to our employees that are designed to help them to succeed. Some of her core beliefs include:

  • If you feel good, it flows to all aspects of your life.
  • Part of that feeling good is taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. 

Sean Bell
COO, Aduro

Sean Bell is the Chief Operating Officer at Aduro where he supports the operational excellence of its member, client and partner experiences with specific focus on Aduro’s many growth initiatives. Prior to his current position, Sean was the Chief Operating Officer at Arivale, the original “Scientific Wellness” company which focused on personalized biometric and genetic data insights delivered and supported by skilled coaching. He was Executive Vice President at Free & Clear, the nation’s leading provider of tobacco cessation coaching to employers, health plans, and state quit lines. 

Sean has his MBA from the University of Washington and his undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College where he majored in Asian Studies. Sean is an avid runner and cyclist and has lived with his family in Seattle since 1998.

About Aduro’s Wellmetrics™

We understand that this year has brought a lot of unexpected hurdles. As you start to think about partnering with us for your employee biometric screenings, we want to offer you the safest and most convenient option for your population.

Our screenings provide your employees with the opportunity to take meaningful action through a convenient and supportive experience. Their data ties seamlessly back into your well-being program; allowing individuals to tracking their progress and for you to better understand the health of your organization.

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