Tangible Steps Leaders Can Take to Foster Belonging in the Workplace

Development & Growth

Fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace helps individuals show up in a real, authentic way andcan build a sense of connection between co-workers.

In this employee well-being webinar, learn why belonging and inclusion in the workplace need to be prioritized and the steps to make it happen.

What you will learn:

  1. Why belonging and inclusion in the workplace needs to be a priority
  2. The impact of belonging in the workplace on your employees
  3. Tangible steps to get started in your organization

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Meet the Speakers

Jyotica Barrio
CIC, Sr. Human Performance Coach, Founder of Aduro’s DE&I Coalition, Founder of Aduro’s Belonging & Inclusion Council

Dr. Toni Best

Dr. Toni Best
DC, CIC, Chief Human Performance Officer and founder at Aduro

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