The Total Economic Impact of Aduro

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  • How our clients saved $5,123,291 in the reduced cost of medical and prescription claims, and $1,217,563 from reduced employee absenteeism.
  • The VOI (Value on Investment) framework Forrester Research used to measure the impact of our corporate well-being program.
  • The quantified results of the Human Performance program, including: increased employee retention, reduced growth in the cost of medical and prescription claims, reduced cost of well-being program administration, and reduced employee absenteeism.
  • The unquantified results of improved awareness of employee benefits and personal health among employees.
  • How to communicate the value of your well-being investment to your executive team
  • Three costs associated with a Human Performance system that drove a 182% ROI.

Total Economic Impact (TEI) Report by Forrester Research

Discover how a Human Performance approach to employee well-being can deliver huge cost savings for your organization.

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