Human Performance

A better approach to wellness

The Human Performance approach to employee well-being takes a holistic view of individuals and addresses the essential aspects of their lives — within the context of their environment. It creates a shift toward a culture supporting personal and professional discovery, while utilizing Positive Psychology and Intrinsic Coaching to encourage meaningful long-term change and improved outcomes.

Organizations that commit to improved Human Performance are more likely to achieve lower costs related to healthcare, turnover and absenteeism. Additionally, the individual development associated with Human Performance is an important factor in creating measurably and significantly increased engagement, higher productivity and sustained organizational growth.

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Our guide is packed with research-backed insights including:

  • Why the four elements of Human Performance create a stronger, happier and more productive workforce
  • How you can support your workforce in achieving transformational habit change
  • The five elements of our transformative habit change model (Discover, Engage, Ignite, Practice, Change)
  • Industry insights from the American Psychological Association, Employee Benefit Trends, the Society for Human Resource Management, Gallup, and more

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