The total economic impact of Aduro’s employee wellness solution

Value on investment report

Download Forrester Research’s Total Economic Impact study and learn:

  • How our clients save $5,123,291 in the reduced cost of medical and prescription claims and $1,217,563 savings from reduced employee absenteeism due to Aduro’s corporate well-being solution.
  • The VOI (Value on Investment) framework Forrester Research used to measure the impact of our corporate well-being program.
  • The quantified results of an Aduro Human Performance program, including increased employee retention, reduced growth in the cost of medical and prescription claims, reduced cost of well-being program administration, and reduced employee absenteeism.
  • The unquantified results of improved awareness of employee benefits and personal health among employees.
  • How to communicate the value of your well-being investment to your executive team.
  • Three costs associated with a Human Performance system that drove a 182% ROI.

Our clients believe that when employees are at their best as individuals, the entire company is unstoppable! At Aduro, we challenge organizations like yours to shift their thinking about employee well-being away from the archaic “Wellness Program” mindset to adopt our disruptive Human Performance methodology. We put your employee at the center of the well-being program and allow them to choose what area of life they want to focus on. The result? Employees believe they can Be Great at Anything!

We are not the only ones drinking the Kool-Aid. Forrester Research completed a Total Economic Impact study that compares the results from our clients. They found that when these companies adopted our Human Performance strategy, they saved more than $5,000,000 in reduced cost of medical and prescription claims, and more than $1,200,000 from reduced employee absenteeism. Download the research study and learn more about how companies are justifying the value of our Human Performance approach to employee well-being.

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