Building a Strong Corporate Culture – For Now and For the Future


Strong company culture is important to employee productivity and retention. Using marketing tactics allows HR departments to control the tone of brand advocacy, instill the company purpose and fuel great culture. When done right, your employees are your greatest recruiting tool. In fact, employers with a strong brand earn twice the number of applications and spend 43% less in cost per hire, according to a recent study on the ROI of strong talent brand.


Establish an inner brand

At ADURO, everything from our employee newsletter to our benefits package shares our same look and feel. This helps reinforce our culture and feel like we are all a part of something bigger.

Reach them where they already are

Evaluate the demographics of your employees and survey them to see where they spend their time. Create content on the social channels they prefer to improve their engagement. Ask them via feedback tools (like TINYPulse) on a regular basis about their happiness, as well as areas that your company can improve.

Keep them in the loop

Each Friday, we host an all-staff meeting to provide updates and new product info to our team; we call it Friday Fire. Along with this meeting, we have a bi-monthly newsletter for employee short-outs, news and upcoming events. This also builds company transparency.

Offer free use of your product

The best way to ensure your people are talking about your products or services the right way is to offer some for free use. We test our Human Performance experience before our clients see it!

Create a branded office environment

Reinforce company culture through strategic environmental design. Support your brand throughout the office by displaying company values, awards and brand color schemes. Start engaging employees before they’re even hired by establishing brand ambassadors, and recruiting the right people will take care of itself.