The Secret to a Successful Work Environment

Creating a successful work environment is important to employers. A happy workplace means high-performing employees, right? But there are factors beyond the place itself that influence how employees perform within it, according to Gallup research. The first is a person’s engagement in their work, and the second is their well-being.

It makes sense when you think about it.

If your employee, Henry, is engaged in his daily work, he’s also going to be more enthusiastic about doing it. Or, if your employee, Sheilia, eats healthily and exercises, she’s going to have more energy to take on the day.

Knowing this, many companies focus on improving employee engagement at work. Others make employee well-being the priority. We believe you don’t have to choose.

Here’s how you can maximize both to create a successful work environment.

Understand What Drives Employee Engagement

Only 32 percent of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs, according to Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted in September of 2015.

What causes an employee to be engaged versus disengaged?

Employees are often more tapped in when they feel supported by the company and their managers.

Start with these key things:

  • A clear understanding of what’s expected of them
  • The tools they need to perform their job well
  • Developmental programs and/or growth opportunities
  • A positive work culture

But the responsibility to fulfill these needs doesn’t solely rest on their managers. Managers, too, must have support from key leadership in order to succeed.

Take a Holistic Approach to Well-being

Health is just one component of your employees’ well-being. That’s why we take a human performance, or “whole person,” approach to helping employees become the best versions of themselves.

Our human performance model focuses on four key elements that make up our daily lives. Those components are:

When one of those areas is impacted, it has the potential to impact the others, making you feel unbalanced. They’re all intertwined.

As a result, creating a successful workplace requires you to think beyond just improving your employees’ performance at work. You have to factor in the many other areas of their personal lives that influence it.

Make Engagement & Well-being Part of Your Workplace Culture

High-performing organizations understand that engagement isn’t the result of a one-time initiative. It’s the result of daily investments in your employees and their future.

How can you consistently make these deposits?

Adopt a program that integrates engagement and well-being into your human capital strategy. Make it a part of your company culture, rather than just another thing that employees and managers “have to do.”

ADURO’s human performance programs are designed to fit within your workplace culture, creating positive outcomes for individuals and organizations. Each program is tailored to the company’s unique goals, but we also encourage employees to decide what they want to work on. That makes them invested in the results, too.

What type of results can you expect? For employees, it can mean greater happiness and health — at work and beyond it. And, for companies, it can mean a more successful work environment, where both the employees and the business can thrive.

Download the guide to learn more about our innovative approach.