A Quick Win to Boost Employee Enthusiasm About Your Wellness Program

We know that day in and day out you look for ways to get your employees engaged in your corporate well-being program. There are already posters hanging in the break rooms and emails being sent to your entire population. With so many initiatives demanding your time, sometimes a quick win can make your week. Strategically engaging the support of your middle-management at the right time can trigger a boost in employee participation in your well-being program.

All it takes is one fifteen-minute period of focus and attention and this strategy can be duplicated throughout the program year.

Segment an Email List (5 minutes)

Focus your attention on middle management and create an audience segment in your email software. Include all middle managers who supervise employees who are eligible for the well-being program. Also, think about only including managers who have weekly team huddles or syncs.

Create a Targeted Email Subject Line (2 minutes)

To increase email open rates, create an email subject line that speaks directly to middle management. Emphasize an easy way that they can increase their team’s well-being. An example of this might be: “Include a Well-being Program Update In Your Team Sync.”

Customize a Communication That Speaks to Your Middle Management (5 minutes)

This is your chance to motivate your middle managers about how important it is to improve the well-being of your team. Include some brief updates about your well-being program. Remember to arm them with content that they can deliver in :30 – :60 seconds.

A few examples of quick communication:

  • Screening deadlines
  • One new program feature
  • Upcoming challenge
  • Reminder about incentives
  • Give a well-being shout-out to a team member who is embodying the well-being program.

Remember, keep it brief to respect your manager’s time.

Schedule Smartly (3 minutes)

Your goal is to send this communication before they meet with their team. Odds are they’re preparing for their meeting at the last minute! You’re going to arm them with a positive golden nugget to talk about something other than their project or missed deadlines. If you know the cadence of their meetings, schedule the email to go out beforehand. But if there is no established schedule for team meetings, don’t hesitate to send this and go with your gut on timing.

Our teams run employee engagement strategies that affect more than 1.5 million lives. We find that small strategies like this lead to exponential growth in employee engagement in well-being programs.

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