The Value of a Think Partner

In 2015, 46% of organizations offered health and lifestyle coaching to their employees, up from 37% in 2011 according to a SHRM annual study. Creating a human-to-human interaction through coaching with a well-being program leads to new thinking and drives engagement. At ADURO, we consider our coaches to be think partners, there for participants to support their well-being journey and help uncover individual motivators that drive meaningful habit changes.

Here are important aspects to consider to create a valuable coaching experience for your employees.

Look for a program that:

  1. Begins with choice and personalization

It’s no secret that the interests of your employees vary based on a multitude of factors including age, job function, and gender. Their goals vary just as much. The coaching experience should be personalized to the individual who wants to improve an aspect of their life. A think partner should ask powerful, open-ended questions and help discover what truly matters to the individual. We call this the “ignite moment.” ADURO coaches are proficient in facilitating these ‘ignite moments’ through technology, content and of course, personalization.

  1. Is values-based
employee support equals fulfillment at work

Micro habits lead to macro change (BJ Fogg Method). A think partner should create conditions for intrinsic motivation for participants. The end-goal for all participants in a coaching program is to add something positive to their life. Perhaps a participant is interested in relieving financial stress, or maybe they want to have the energy to run around with their kids. No matter what the end-goal is, think partners remind and encourage participants as the employee pursues a positive change. Ultimately, think partners give participants the tools and empower them to create the positive experience for themselves past the initial sessions.

  1. Offers a variety of mediums

Every coaching experience is as unique as the individual participating. By choosing a program that offers multiple ways for participants to learn and interact, all employees can feel empowered with their experience. ADURO offers one-on-one (either telephonically or in-person), onsite, and group coaching plus webinars that offer guided content to help participants create their own best thinking and promote habit change. To make things even easier, participants can also engage in digital self-guided habit change and transformational learning exercises developed by coaches.

In order for a coaching experience to be successful and up-to-date with current information, think partners should take part in continuous training and development. ADURO coaches undergo specific ADURO Human Performance trainings with in-depth weekly trainings and onboarding for the first 90 days. After that, they have bi-weekly and monthly trainings consisting of methodologies, techniques, practical application, and call mentoring. Trainings are created on principles, ethics, and standards from Intrinsic Coach Development Series (ICDS), International Coaching Federation (ICF), Institute of Coaching (IOC), and the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).

Offering a well-being program with valuable think partners for your employees is one crucial piece to realize an individual’s intrinsic motivators and drive lasting change. In turn, your workplace culture is rewarded with happier, healthier and more productive people.

Is your organization ready for a well-being program that provides the opportunity for real, lasting changes for your employees?