Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Goals in Mind

Around this time, resolutions set in January tend to wane. Stress, work and everyday life start to infringe on time allotted to achieving goals. Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries are the biggest culprit of this, tempting us to cheat on our wallets and waistline.

With Valentine’s Day looming, it’s important to plan ahead and find ways to celebrate with your significant other without derailing those goals.

At ADURO, we strive to provide resources that help our clients and employees to maximize the things that are meaningful and add value to their life. Read on for 12 helpful and fun Valentine’s Day ideas that will keep your goals on track, whether they relate to any aspect of Human Performance: Health & Fitness, Money & Prosperity, Growth & Development or Contribution & Sustainability.


Take it outside

Couples that work on their fitness together tend to have strong bonds. This Valentine’s Day, instead of the typical dinner and movie, take your date on a hike, bike or ski trip.

Take a healthy cooking class

Eating out at restaurants is a nice treat, but isn’t very conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. Stick to your goals this year by signing up for a cooking class with your valentine. You get to spend quality time together while honing your cooking stills to create better tasting, healthier meals.

Be a Mover & Shaker

More and more jobs require long amounts of time spent sitting down. Instead, spend Valentine’s Day on your feet ice skating or dancing. Your waistline will thank you.


Scope out your community

Scan local community pages for free movie screening and other events. Many local cities host free monthly events, especially tied to a holiday.

Actions speak louder than words

Make a list of daily tasks or treats that are inexpensive to show your significant other you care. Clean the house or fix that broken door. Give a massage.  Write a card, poem or song. Be creative! If your significant other is the one with a budget goal, treat them to a financial planning subscription, such as Learnvest.

Bargain shop

If going out on the town is important, use websites such as Groupon or Living Social to find discounted restaurants, spa treatments, or other experiences for your loved one.


Build a Roadmap to Your Goals

Part of being in a relationship is supporting each other’s goals and ambitions. Take this day to actually write down your values and goals for the next year.  Work together to brainstorm how to support each other, set milestones, and schedule a monthly date night to check in on your progress.

Unplug together

So much of our social time is online, often feeling scattered by always glancing at our phones or not being fully present in the conversation. Make a pact to unplug from all screens and technology for the evening (or even 20 minutes) to spend quality time together and give the fit of your undivided attention.

Change Perspectives

When we are working hard to improve our lives, the perspective in which we view ourselves is often critical. This Valentine’s Day, write down what you like about your significant other and then share, to see yourself through the eyes of your loved one.


Build an Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens are great for additional oxygen and promoting a healthy environment. Get inspired by this list of DIY indoor gardens and then build one for yourself or your local community center.

Become Mentors

Mentorship is a great way to hone your leadership skills while helping someone who can benefit from your expertise. Forbes has an interesting article on the Benefits of Mentoring, including a study that demonstrates how mentorship improves the work quality, confidence, and compensation of both mentor and mentee. By mentoring together, you can build a stronger relationship with your significant other.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering empowers you to serve a greater purpose. Once you start helping out others, it’s difficult to stop!  It’s important in any relationship to have alignment on your core values. Chat about what those are, and schedule a volunteer date for the second week of February. Not sure where to go? This site matches volunteering opportunities near you.

Which of these areas of life are you focused on improving, and how do you celebrate life events with them in mind? Share with us on social media with #BeGreatAtAnything!