Daily Mindful Moments with Aduro Coaches: Week of March 30

Recognizing and Managing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue with Coach Sean

During times of intense change, you might notice an increased desire to give to others. You might even find yourself on the front-lines, caring tirelessly for the people around you. Giving of yourself in this way is admirable, and can come with a host of benefits! But leaving time and space to care for your own well-being is important too. Burnout and compassion fatigue are increasingly common, and take a toll on your overall resilience. Listen in to hear more about the signs of burnout and compassion fatigue, and how you can prevent them.  

Un-Desk Yourself with Coach Elyse

Have you been sitting awhile? Adding movement to your workday can make a big difference in your mental and physical well-being! Even a few minutes can help you feel more focused and less stiff. Join Coach Elyse in her home office for a few minutes of feel-good stretching right at your desk. Your body and mind will thank you.  

Breathing Meditation with Coach Jenn

Paying closer attention to your breath is an easy way to help you feel calmer and more focused. Join Coach Jenn for a few minutes of guided meditation to scan your body, release stress and tension, and breathe deep at any time of day.

Asking the Right Questions with Coach Erika

Your mindset plays a big role in your overall resilience. When something unplanned happens, the questions we ask shift the way we think, and have the power to set change in motion. Some questions can lead to thoughts that make you feel stuck. Powerful questions reinforce thoughts that help you move forward. Take notice of the questions you ask with Coach Erika, and discover new questions you can ask yourself. 

Your Shelf-Stable Shopping List

You can create healthy meals even if fresh produce isn’t always an option. All it takes is a little creativity. By buying in bulk, preparing meals ahead of time, and using your freezer, you can create budget-friendly, healthy meals up to weeks in advance! Plan your shopping trip before you go, then use the list on the back of this sheet to help you choose healthy, shelf-stable foods. Click here to download PDF.