Enhancing Your Self-care

From the Building Resilience During Times of Uncertainty Series
with Aduro Human Performance Coaches

June 4, 2020 – With Human Performance Coach Mentor and Trainer Molly Pracht and Behavioral Health Coach Amy Holan, MA, LMFT, MHP

The events of the last few months, and specifically the last week have left many of us feeling utterly overwhelmed and completely helpless. How do we sort through the emotions we are going through right now and use them to help others and ourselves grow? How do we take care of ourselves while focusing on the important work that needs to be done?

Coaches Molly and Amy help us through the raw emotions we are all unpacking right now. They focus on the actions we can take in order to start the self-work needed to help others. Learn how to show up and listen for those hurting most right now and how to have a lasting impact in the world, by starting with yourself.