How to Inspire Positive Habits in the Workplace

To inspire positive work habits, put healthy options within arm’s reach.

It’s easy to say we’ll go to the gym every day or only spend money on takeout once a month. The intention is important, but as the cliche goes, actions speak louder than words. We have limited willpower each day. When bombarded with less-than-ideal options throughout the day, our resistance slowly diminishes, despite the best of intentions.

Our surroundings and the people in them play an integral role in our choices. Studies in Majority and Minority Influence show that, when examining the individual behavior versus group behavior, individuals are more likely to choose healthy food options when in the presence of healthy eaters. This also works the other way around, which is why it’s important for leadership to step in and provide options that promote healthy habits. Helping people make healthier choices can be as simple as providing more intentional options.

Here are four ways that you can help to inspire positive work habits.

  1. Give them the fuel they need – At ADURO, we work with a nutritionist to build a “fuel bar” stocked with a variety of delicious, satisfying options that don’t break the company budget. Each person knows any option they choose from our kitchen will provide them with nourishment to work and live while decreasing stress.
  2. Walk and talk – For meetings with less than five people, consider creating a ”walking meeting.” Go through the agenda as you stroll around the block, rather than sit in the conference room.
  3. Get re-acquainted – Make watercooler time for growth rather than gossip. Get to know people’s side-hustle, their hobbies and their ambitions and check-in regularly. This provides a source of respect and accountability to encourage people to reach their goals.
  4. Encourage fiscal fitness – Provide employees with tools to help them spend money wisely. Financial consultations or services can help employees learn to cut costs, without sacrificing happiness.

By providing employees with ready options, you’ll be empowering them to make positive choices. And those choices can become habits that improve their performance — both inside and outside of work.