Improve Your Immune System Podcast

Did you know that washing your hands can reduce your likelihood of catching a cold or flu? It’s a simple step you can take to improve your immune system.

Your skin acts as an armor, explains Aduro’s Human Performance coach, Maia Kurnik, who is also a registered dietitian. However, your eyes, nose, mouth, and any open cuts are weak points in that armor. When you touch your face with unwashed hands, you may be introducing microbes from your fingers into your body. That shows just how important hand-washing can be, especially given the fact that people touch their faces roughly 23 times an hour, Vox reported.

Another habit that can help to improve your immune system is managing your stress levels and getting enough sleep. Stress can have a negative impact on your white blood cells, which help to battle germs that get beyond your skin. When you’re stressed, it hinders your immune system’s response.

In this podcast, Maia delves into how hand-washing, managing your stress and getting enough sleep can help to improve your immune system, in addition to eating whole foods and building a relationship with your doctor.

Discover how these habits can help to boost your body’s defense against a cold or flu.