Wellmetrics: Better screenings. Better satisfaction. Better health.

Cold and flu season is here, so it’s a great time for employees to have a health and well-being check-up — and with that in mind, we thought we’d get in on the fun by checking in on Aduro’s Wellmetrics® biometric screening program, too. With 1,361 screening events in 2016 and more than 92,000 participants, there’s a lot to talk about!

Wellmetrics helps people across the country better understand their health with screenings that provide specific detail around vital indicators, such as body measurements, lipid profiles, blood glucose levels, and more. The program gets people in and out fast and uploads data to their personal results page even faster — all while driving engagement in relevant Human Performance programs that will help them improve in areas where they need it most.

In the end, Wellmetrics creates workplace environments that are good for companies and even better for individuals. And yes, we can back that up.

It’s not just personal — it’s professional

97.6% of Wellmetrics client administrators rate our screening events as “very professional.”

72.5% say they would “highly recommend” the program.

Those aren’t easy numbers to achieve — as those of you who have been around for a while know. Screening events can be difficult to control. So what’s our secret to your event’s success? Making sure it’s in the hands of a well-trained, quality-focused team.

Under the guidance of Senior Wellmetrics Manager, Irene Sanders, the Aduro team has created a training and accountability strategy that works. We utilize an Event Lead Manual outlining our best practices, continued leadership from mentors, regular performance evaluations, and one-on-one in-person support.

Satisfaction numbers to scream for

The spookiest part of the year may be over, but we’re still getting goosebumps from our book-of-business satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5. And our other numbers are just as hair-raising (in a good way, that is): According to our data wizard, Senior Data & Analytics Specialist, Scott Durbin, clients with Wellmetrics are about 60% more likely to be active in their Human Performance programs — and also have more engagements per participant — than those without.

There are no tricks behind those treats, though. It’s all about creating the right strategy (and following through) in key areas such as logistics, screening flow, quality care, privacy protection and tracking so we can continually improve.

Add in ConnectWell, our proprietary application that can immediately place screening participants into the right Human Performance programs for them, and you’ve got a recipe for sweet success.

Clients with Wellmetrics are about 60% more likely to be engaged than those without the program.

A different kind of data

Everyone has heard of “big data,” but have you heard of nimble data? It’s a great way to describe the results Wellmetrics provides because we’re fast — 85% of onsite screening participants have their information uploaded to their well-being platform in under 1 hour, and 97.5% receive it within 24 hours.

As long as we’re sticking with a holiday theme here, we’ll just say that’s almost as fast as Santa delivers his gifts.

But it’s not just about speed: With the seamless connectivity of our ConnectWell application, the entire process of validating participants at check-in and securely uploading results has never been easier.

85% of onsite screening participants have results uploaded to their well-being platform in under 1 hour. 97.5% have it uploaded within 24 hours.

Is Wellmetrics the trick up your sleeve you’re missing?

Don’t let previous bad screening experiences or poor engagement get you down. Learn more about Aduro’s Wellmetrics services as part of a larger well-being initiative — there’s still time this year to get your program where you want it to be!