How an Impactful Digital Experience Supports all Aspects of Life

Motivate and engage employees to take steps to improve their lives 

Aduro is a Human Performance company existing at the intersection of well-being and performance. We’ve been at the forefront of creating really meaningful and interactive content for over 15 years. Today, we have over 60 in-depth programs and a library of media including courses, podcasts and activities, expertly curated to reach each member at the right time. This extensive library takes the guesswork out of building a strategy to support what your employees need, eliminating the time for operating an impactful content strategy for your well-being program.

Our in-house Content and Media Labs team specializes in creating content experiences that motivate and engage employees to take steps towards improving their lives, in any area that inspires them. Their work is consistently at the highest end of member satisfaction, and best of all,  our content produces real-life results.

Hear directly from the team on their strategy for creating impactful and meaningful content for our members. Watch on-demand.

Giving back valuable time to the HR department

The old way of wellness was to focus on the top five activities required to earn their health insurance premium. The most impactful aspect of Aduro’s employee wellness programs is the time it saves HR administration.  The Aduro team has developed a library of content, available at the right time, in an easily consumable format, fully baked into the program. No longer does the HR team need to think of every aspect of their employees’ lives and decide what to pick  to reach the broadest audience.

I don’t have to think about how somebody can meaningfully connect to activities in our program. They’ve looked at what’s going to resonate with a variety of individuals and broken down the barrier for entry for my employees.

– Aduro Connect Client

It’s not just getting engagement in one program that is going to be the pinnacle of health, but rather providing resources for all aspects of life – we call it the Human Performance approach. When the burden sits with the HR team to determine a full content calendar and strategy, this becomes a huge lift– and is often de-prioritized. Aduro’s Content and Media Labs team, in collaboration with our Client Experience team, does this work for each of our clients to create impactful programs. Once the strategy has been developed, the real work begins.

Keeping employees engaged to drive meaningful change

We all want a program that transcends ‘check-the-box’ digital experience, and we strive to create experiences that are rave-worthy, impactful, and life-changing. According to a recent study, compelling workforce experiences offered higher workplace engagement (22%) and improved retention rate (4x higher). The study also reported higher client satisfaction for those organizations (12%). Those numbers are all reasons to understand the impact an exceptional digital experience can have on a workforce.

There are several ways we drive engagement and help members positively change their lives.

  1. Easily consumable formats. Our content is available in a variety of formats, from short podcast style clips to deep-dive six-week courses, our members can pick and choose what suits their schedule and desire to make lasting changes. These options are available 24-7 through the Aduro Connect™ app.
  2. Human Performance Coaching services. Our content is an extension of our coaching and vice versa. Our Human Perfomance Coaches help our members build awareness of where they are now and what their barriers are – then offers the tools to move forward and make lasting change in a 1-on-1 experience.
  3. Holistic, inclusive, and science-backed. Our approach at Aduro is different. We’ve invested in a whole content team with a mission to build content that resonates, motivates and engages our members.  Part of building great content is making sure our audience sees themselves represented in the stories we tell. In addition to developing content from validated research, we also run every aspect of our programs through a rigorous DE&I review. This assures we are becoming aware of any unconscious bias our team may have and taking the needed steps to support ALL the members we serve.

How we know our content is working

Meaningful change is often measured through testimonials– it’s heard but not seen. Outside of testimonials, our clients often ask us, “How do we know it works? What are the measurable results?” A successful experience doesn’t just involve an employer knowing more about their workforce, it’s about them being able to do more with that knowledge. As we continue to learn which topics have the highest impact, we use this knowledge to offer expanded resources and tailor our content roadmap to provide the biggest impact.

There are many ways we measure the success of our content through surveys and assessments. In 2020, we’ve seen some share-worthy successes.

Aduro’s Interactive Digital Content

Outside of numbers and stats, let’s hear from one of our Human Performance Coaches and Content Writers, Maia, as she outlines the journey one of her members took. From signing up to “to earn points”, to ultimately making significant changes in their life and even improving their health metrics.      

We help people get clear on what’s important to them and why. Then we give them the right tools at the right time, at the right depth, so that they can make the changes that are most important to them.

– Maia, Human Performance Coach and Content Writer

That’s really what we aim to do at Aduro. We strive to make an opportunity to connect everything, not just health, not just well-being – but all aspects of a person’s life. This allows them to live a  stronger, healthier and more positive life that transcends beyond an employer-provided program, but truly makes a meaningful impact in our their lives.

Bringing meaningful change to the lives of your employees

At Aduro, our secret sauce is that we are all-encompassing. Many employers elect to utilize point-solutions to provide resources to their employees – one vendor for coaching, another for content and programs, another vendor for a benefits navigation hub, and yet another for biometric screenings and employee assessments.

Aduro offers all of these services, connecting through one technology, Aduro Connect. This connected experience allows for our content to inform our product, and our coaching interactions to inform our content – allowing for an enhanced employee experience through personalization that offers support and resources that drive impactful change.

Aduro is taking the guesswork out of how to engage, create an impact, and bring employees into the products and services inside of the Human Performance program. This allows them to reach their full potential. We are here to help your program move from a ‘check-the-box’ experience to an elevated program where employees are taking charge of their health, well-being and mental health.

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