The Conference Board 2020 Annual Employee Health Care Conference

We are excited to attend the The Conference Board Virtual 2020 Annual Employee Health Care Conference: Health Care’s New Status Quo from June 24th – July 2nd, 2020.  Join our live speaking session and stop by our virtual booth to see what’s new at Aduro and experience our Return-to-Work solutions for yourself.

Live Speaking Session

What’s the Impact of Employee Well-being and Health as We Return to Work?

How do employers help their employees return to work safely, both physically and emotionally, in the upcoming months? How has COVID-19 affected the way we manage employee well-being and how can we unlock organizational performance? Join this session to learn about Bon Secours Mercy Health – one of the nation’s larger Catholic health system – approaches and innovates through the stages of work readiness including the real considerations necessary for bringing employees back to work in a supportive and sustainable way.


  • Renee Petrie, Chief Product Officer, Aduro
  • Michael U. Todd, MD, Vice President of Business Development, Bon Secours Mercy Health   

Date: Monday, June 29th

Time: 1:00 – 1:50 EDT

Watch this session on-demand!

Booth Exhibition

Following the speaking session, Aduro’s virtual booth will be live from 1:50 – 2:30 pm EDT.

Aduro’s Work Readiness Handbook

Dive deeper into the stages of readiness Renee Petrie and Dr. Michael U. Todd will discuss during the session with our Work Readiness Handbook. There’s a lot of uncertainty around returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a handbook to help executive management teams create a plan for when and how to allow employees, visitors, and service partners back in the workplace.