ADURO’s Healthcare Strategy

ADURO’s Renee Petrie, VP of Healthcare, discusses how we are taking what we’ve learned in the employer space to help our healthcare practice employers to expand and enhance their population management strategy. Watch Renee Petrie’s video below to learn how we take a customized approach to healthcare employers.

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Our approach to well-being is called Human Performance. We’ve found that of 44,000 users that were sampled, 85% said that their motivation to act on their personal vision was strong or very strong.  Of those surveyed, 52% were interested in something other than health & fitness such as, money & prosperity, contribution & sustainability, and growth & development. This Human Performance approach allows employers to offer options in all areas of the employee’s life. We meet people where they are by offering opportunities for individuals with health risks as well as those who are focusing on making small lifestyle changes to improve their overall well-being.

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