Mercy Health Goes Beyond Wellness with Human Performance

Go Beyond Wellness

Mercy Health‘s one mission is to extend the healing ministry and improve the lives of our communities. With 32,000 employees in 8 regions across Ohio and Kentucky, they believe it is critical to deliver the right care at the right time with service and with compassion.

Mercy Health needed a program that would go beyond “wellness” to address the needs of the whole person and integrate well-being into the traditional care path. The Human Performance program offered to Mercy Health employees, is offering care to the caregivers, so they can continue to offer superior care to their patients.

Taking classes and coaching was instrumental in getting me started in this journey to lifestyle change.

Brent Eastwood, Chaplain and coaching participant

Watch this video where we go on a journey with some Mercy Health employees as they found their ignite moments and progressed on a path to becoming healthier, more productive and really supporting their personal values to improve their lives. Some discovered their need to make changes at a Wellmetrics biometric screening event, while others found the support they needed through their Human Performance coach.

It’s important to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Stacy Jones, Nurse and coaching participant

Mercy views the program as a critical tool for helping their employees take care of themselves, their families, decreasing disease, and offering great patient care. They are seeing a 3:1 return on investment (ROI) for their program. Find a downloadable case study here.

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