Meet Robin: Q&A with Iron Mountain’s Onsite Coach

Going onsite with Iron Mountain 

Coach Robin has been Iron Mountain’s onsite Human Performance coach for the past 3 years. Learn more about the benefits of her role within Iron Mountain, and how they’ve expanded and nurtured onsite coaching for the LiveWell program.

My LiveWell Coach, Robin, stayed on target, and is the backbone of my success. She is getting me through my physical activity challenges.

Coaching Participant at Iron Mountain
Q: What is your role as an onsite coach at Iron Mountain?

A: As the dedicated Iron Mountain Coach, I provide in-person coaching to employees at our headquarters in Boston, as well as telephonic coaching across the U.S.  I facilitate onsite programming where there is a need or interest identified such as, Mindful Moments, a 15-minute weekly mindfulness session or Defeat the Fat, an onsite mindfulness-based weight loss program. Other examples are walk and talk coaching sessions and in-person and webinar-based programs.

Another large part of my role is as the well-being coordinator. One of the advantages of having a coordinator onsite is the ability to recognize trends based on coaching discussions or respond to specific requests from locations or departments. Having a dedicated onsite coach provides a resource who truly understands the corporate culture, the challenges, the opportunities and is poised to help suggest programming which fits employee needs. As the onsite coach, I collaborate with our ADURO customer experience team and the Iron Mountain benefits team to reach all employees through access to a multitude of resources that Iron Mountain provides, whether it is through coaching, webinars, challenges, or other partner programs like Omada, Livongo, MeQuilibrium, etc.

Q: How does the LiveWell program incorporate Iron Mountain’s values?

A: One of Iron Mountain’s core values is safety.  The frontline employees at Iron Mountain have very physical jobs, and their well-being can truly impact their ability to safely perform their duties. We incorporate challenges on the LiveWell platform to encourage employees to watch Iron Mountain safety videos and participate in pilot initiatives, like Kinetics, an ergonomic behavior improvement program. In addition, as the well-being coordinator, I am working with a group in the Chicago location that has created a Safety and Wellness Committee. A key focus of their committee is to increase the participation in LiveWell by incorporating program messages in their daily huddle.

From a coaching standpoint, I definitely see the connection between well-being and workplace safety. Having worked with multiple coaching participants who are actively losing weight, we are noticing tremendous benefits, such as less pain at work, greater productivity, and energy left over to enjoy life when they arrive home! A key challenge is how to reach more employees with the message that safety is really holistic.

Q: What were the challenges of implementing an onsite coaching program?

A: The challenge has been increasing participant engagement past the compliance level and increase coaching participation. A large percentage of participants take the well-being assessment, complete the biometric screenings, and stop there. One of our goals this year is to find ways to reach employees with messaging that speaks to them and identify personal values so they dig deeper into the LiveWell program, including the use of one-on-one coaching. Communicating this is always a challenge and with a large frontline employee base, this adds an additional challenge because of the lack of computer access. This is where we believe the ADURO app is going to be really beneficial.

Q: How does Scott Kirschner, Director of Benefits Strategy at Iron Mountain, help drive the coaching program to success?

A: He is a huge advocate of coaching. One of the major initiatives we started in 2017 was to formulate a Wellness Champion Network, a team of employees representative of all Iron Mountain – roles, geographic location, business units, etc. Scott recognized the need to get more boots on the ground and worked to gain support from leaders, executives, and supervisors to empower this Wellness Champion Network.  His involvement and ability to engage management is key for keeping energy in the program and continuing to promote the benefits of coaching.  I meet one-on-one monthly with Scott and weekly with the benefits team to share information.

Q: How has onsite coaching proven valuable to Iron Mountain?

A: On an organizational level, I believe the true value of the onsite coaching is to have a dedicated coach who has a pulse on the workplace challenges.  I am able to provide insight into trends I hear through coaching.  For example, if workplace stress is identified over and over, there is an opportunity to share that with the benefits team and brainstorm programming that might be appropriate. In addition, I am integrated into the benefits team meetings and have a unique opportunity to understand the company culture, overall benefits objectives, obstacles, and successes, which helps with collaboration between ADURO and Iron Mountain.

For our participants, the value of coaching is the support they receive when they want to make a life change, but they struggle to do it on their own. So, having that additional support can really give employees the space and the time to recognize and flesh out the why behind what they are wanting to change and how it would add value to their life. Once they recognize the why, the what becomes so much more motivating.  Small steps lead to great change.

Meet Coach Robin

A Valued Partnership

Iron Mountain and ADURO have been partners since 2013. Scott Kirschner, Director of Benefits Strategy, has been with ADURO every step of the way to innovate and adapt the Human Performance program to support the organization’s goals. Iron Mountain Inc. (NYSE: IRM) is a global business dedicated to storing, protecting and managing, information and assets. Organizations across the globe trust them to store and protect information and assets. Thousands of local enterprises work with them, as do almost all the FORTUNE 1000. From critical business information to geological samples, works of fine art to original recordings of treasured artists, their customers rely on them to protect what they value and help unlock its potential.

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