Key Considerations of a Successful Wellness Champion Network

A well-being champion network is a group of volunteer employees who have shown special interest in helping to encourage improvement in the overall health of an organization’s population. In some instances, wellness and well-being champions are also encouraged to engage with co-workers by coordinating well-being related activities. Developing an organized champion network can be an effective way to increase participation, understanding and awareness of your employee well-being program.

Creating an organized well-being champion network can build a population that will truly flourish. “

Katie Dunn, Aduro Senior Account Manager

Hear from an account manager about the benefits of a champion network

Benefits of an organized well-being champion network:

  • Reduces HR administrative time: A successful well-being champion network decreases some of the burdens of the HR team by reducing administrative work. By design, the champion network facilitates the grassroots promotion of current well-being program initiatives, whether that’s onsite screening events or a featured team challenge. By helping to spread the word throughout the organization from the bottom up, the HR team doesn’t need to focus as much time on top-down program communication.
  • Gain valuable feedback: Champions will be a valuable source of feedback about the well-being program. Employees will be more transparent with champions when it comes to what they love about the program, and what they feel could be improved. The champions can support the development of the program’s strategy and direction based on real feedback from those who are participating.
  • Gain insight into goals at different locations: A champion network can help develop and improve reporting metrics that align with the program’s overall goals and objectives. Champions at different locations or facilities can track participation and satisfaction, as well as provide insight into changes in the culture.

Who makes a successful well-being champion?

  • Successful well-being champions have their own inspiring story to tell. Well-being champions should walk the talk – by living out the mission of your well-being program. Employees who are enthusiastic about enhancing the culture of their workplace and show compassion for their co-workers make natural champions. Sharing their testimonials can be a profound tool for motivation.
  • Make sure your champions represent all areas of Human Performance. Not every champion needs to be a marathon runner or have a weight-loss story. Consider someone who has successfully paid down a large amount of credit debt as a champion for initiatives related to Money & Prosperity.  Maybe there is an employee who is dedicated to their own growth as a leader who can champion Development & Growth initiatives. Someone who is a regular volunteer for a particular non-profit organization would make a stand-out well-being champion for initiatives related to Relationships & Community.
  • Include Executives in your champion network. If you have an executive who is passionate about an area of Human Performance, empower them to share their story to promote program initiatives. Keep in mind, you’ll want to ensure this executive is active in the well-being program so they can authentically speak to what is going on throughout the year.
  • Consider the well-being champion’s ability to communicate and interact with other employees. Employees who have strong communication and leadership skills, and are well-regarded by their co-workers make natural well-being champions.

Reach out to your Aduro Account Manager for more best practices in initiating and engaging your champion network, or request a demo to learn how Aduro can bring these initiatives to your organization.