New Expectations Offers Help on the Pregnancy Journey

The ADURO team has experienced a lot of growth in the last couple of years — both in the office and on the home front. And during one period in particular, when many of our employees were building their families at the same time, the importance of having a strong support team throughout pregnancy emerged as a shared theme. That’s how New Expectations was born, so to speak.

“The feeling of ‘We’re all in this together’ both struck a chord and illustrated a need,” said Jen Buchanan, ADURO Human Performance Coach. “So it was suggested that a few of us bring our experiences together and create a program to help inform and empower mothers-to-be, and those supporting them, on the pregnancy journey.”

Are your employees building their families? New Expectations can help them — while helping you build a stronger organization at the same time. Check out this video to learn how.