Live Life to the Fullest: Own Your Moment

It could be as small as taking a mindful minute each day to reflect and breathe. Or as big as setting a goal to be debt-free or to volunteer each week at your favorite charity. How will you own your moment this year — and live life to the fullest in the years to come?

At ADURO, we often ask ourselves that question. As the Human Performance company, we’re very focused on behavioral change and shifting habits to align with our goals. Whether your goal is to start a non-profit organization or to become a marathon runner, it all comes down to small, micro habits that add up to big, transformational change.

Those changes can help you to become your best self and lead a fuller life in four interconnected areas: Health & Fitness, Money & Prosperity, Growth & Development and Contribution & Sustainability. Those four elements are the basis of our Human Performance model, which is designed to help bring out the best in people and the organizations for which they work.


Just as improving the core elements of a person’s life creates a stronger person, improving the core elements of an organization — its people — creates a stronger organization. When individuals own their moment, the company wins as well. By supporting employees both personally and professionally, you build the company around their passions and purpose, rather than forcing them to build themselves around work. The intersection of company culture and individual purpose is where truly strong cultures are built. By challenging employees to recognize the habits that will lead to positive outcomes, you begin to build a stronger, more resilient organization.

We want to help you and your organization truly Own Your Moment. The best way to do so? Focus on helping employees achieve their personal goals, which can help you achieve your business goals, too. Find out how in our white paper on “Human Performance.”