Preventing diabetes — through Revive

High-functioning organizations require their people to be happy and healthy. ADURO designs Human Performance programs to meet the needs, interests, and aspirations of your employees, empowering them to create positive habits and help organizations build a culture of well-being.

Revive® — our type 2 diabetes prevention Path — helps achieve both of those goals.

Did you know, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 115 million Americans have either diabetes or prediabetes. This contributes to an estimated $245 billion each year in medical spending, lost productivity, and lost wages.

Up to 70% of those with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes without intervention, according to the American Diabetes Association, and unfortunately, most don’t even realize they are at risk. Because type 2 diabetes is a “lifestyle” disease, few are unaware the impact that their daily choices may have on their future health and quality of life.

Check out our full Revive Outcomes Report here.

What’s the best way to stop this trend from impacting your employees? Group-based intensive lifestyle-change programs facilitated by health coaches, according to data from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Research Group. That’s where Revive comes in. 

Creating Transformational Change

Revive focuses on educating participants of the lifestyle modifications they can make around diet, sleep, and physical activity to help prevent diabetes. It also includes techniques to develop mindfulness around the influences that stress, family dynamics, and environment can have on their health. Through designated coaches, health content, group sessions, peer support, intrinsic motivation, and recognition, the program gives employees the tools, resources and motivation to make transformational changes to their lives.

The impact is undeniable. More than 700 participants have been accepted into Revive to date, and on average, those who complete the program lose almost 14 pounds and nearly 2 inches off their waist size. The majority reached the program’s 4% weight-loss goal — and one of our very enthusiastic participants lost 31% of their body weight. That’s 65 pounds in 16 weeks!

Although most Revive participants achieve significant weight loss, it is more than a weight-loss program. It also is centered around targeting insulin-resistance as well as glucose levels. Revive has been shown to reduce other risk factors and even reverse prediabetes and metabolic syndrome in some participants.

The financial effects are just as impressive: Successful Revive participants save an average of $2,100 on annual medical costs.

A Comprehensive Program

Over the course of the program, Revive participants receive personalized coaching and take part in webinars such as “Fat-Burning vs. Sugar-Burning,” “Resilience,” “Dining Out” and “Habits and Behaviors.” Although the program is tailored for people with prediabetes and/or metabolic syndrome, its overall goal is to improve overall health by promoting a return to a more natural lifestyle.

And when Revive ends, the support for participants continues — unlimited post-program coaching is available to help them reach their health goals.

It’s exciting to see the positive transformations that Revive participants achieve, but perhaps even more important is the fact that these changes are sustainable. Revive is an important step on the road to improved Human Performance for your organization and all the benefits that being a culture of well-being provides.

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